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Hindustan Antibiotics Limited (A Govt. of India Enterprise)
Pimpri , Pune - 411018
Under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
CIN No. U24231MH1954PLC009265


Research & Development

Research & Development centre of Hindustan Antibiotics Limited was established in 1955 and since then it has come a long way to establish itself as a premier research institute in India for pioneering work on antibiotics and other microbial metabolites.
Major strength of our R&D Centre has been its highly qualified and experienced manpower engaged in multidisciplinary R&D programes supported with well equipped laboratory and other facilities. This centre has been providing on one hand quick services and technical support to other divisions like manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, production and marketing while being fully alive to its obligation for basic innovative work. Various scientific agencies e.g. Department of Science & Technology, Pune University, Environmental and Pollution control Board have recognized this centre for carrying out basic and applied research programme.
In keeping with our long standing tradition , we are committed to maintain the superiority in our field of drug development / research not only for our survival in the industry but also for bringing hi-tech new generation of drugs within the reach of our people at large.
Various sections in R&D Centre and its major activities are as follows :


Maintenance of high yielding strains for large scale fermentation.
Strain improvement by mutation (using physical and chemical agents)
Natural selection and cell infusion technique (protoplast fusion)
Development of media composition for establishing basic fermentation parameters & subsequently screening the productivity for the strain.
Developing or improving newer bioassay method for novel microbial metabolites and antibiotics.


Isolation and purification of Enzymes.
Immobilization of Enzymes.
Development of bio-conversion processes for industrially important products of intermediates using immobilizes enzyme system.


Broad evaluation of pharmacological activities of microbial, synthetic and plant products in laboratory animals.
Chemical-pharmacological and structural activity relationships.
Pre-clinical toxicological studies in various laboratory species on commercial basis.
Bioavailability , biological assay , in-vivo potency , cellular and molecular mechanism of action of drugs.


Development of Immunodiagnostic kits in collaboration with various laboratories.
Maintenance of various parasitic strains for screening microbial metabolites for anti-parasitic activity.


Developing newer dosage forms (human, veterinary & agricultural use) with necessary stability data and analytical method.
Research in the area of pharmaceutical technology especially on drug delivery system.
Improvement of existing formulations for cost effectiveness.
Investigation on product complaints.
Innovative studies on packaging and presentation of drug dosage forms.


Process development for bulk drugs or their key intermediate production.
Improvement of existing down-stream process for cost effectiveness.
Technology absorption , adaptation and its subsequent improvisation.
Isolation and characterization of new chemical entities (NCE) from fungal metabolites for basic research.
Chemical Analysis of various microbial metabolites.


Up-scaling work on fermentation, chemical and bio-chemical processes development at bench scale.
Transfer of technology obtained from either in-house R&D or from outside source.
Manufacturing of drugs or their intermediate at semi-plant scale for our captive requirement and small scale clinical or field trials.